[56m] 22yr escort, her roommate took 35mins.. her turn now..

I posted a video of her roommate (jasmine) sucking me off, she took 35mins… I walked in to her flat with the plan on 3 hours with Jasmine and saw jade in sone lovely sexy lingerie, I immediately asked if they worked together, unfortunately they didn’t, I asked jade if she fancied giving me a quick blowjob and joking around that it took jasmine 35mins. She looked at jasmine to almost get her permission.. I said I’m happy to pay jasmine for the original 3 hours and I’ll pay jade for a blowjob, she agreed and we went off to jades room.. I said to jasmine don’t worry I’ll be fucking you shortly and to wait for me in her room..

Jade got down to business.. great blowjob and great eye contact.. she got her mouthful of reward 38mims later. She stood up and I slide my hands into her knickers.. she was very very wet, I thanked her for tyr blowjob and apologised that I couldn’t fuck her to help her out, I said I’ll be back to fuvk her soon.

I went off to jasmines room, to get my 2 other loads out..

[56m] 22yr escort, her roommate took 35mins.. her turn now..
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